Field Trips

5 Reasons Why Field Trips Are Important

A Break In Monotony - Adding field trips to a curriculum breaks the routine of education in a classroom environment. Field trips give hands on and real life experiences not accessible in the classroom.

Field trips are especially helpful for inner city students and rural students whose parents might not otherwise be able to take their children to some of the places they might attend when going on a class trip.

Breeds Independent Learning/Improves Learning Experience - Learning within the classroom tends to have a  very set approach. There are strict rules that need to be followed (for instance, sitting in place and not moving around) while in a field trip is there is motion, children need not solely depend on the teacher for instruction, they can learn from the teachers and carry out learning of their own too.

Improves Critical and Thinking Skills - When students go on field    trips, they are exploring, seeing and thinking for themselves. There is no teacher constantly prodding them to think about a particular line of thought or to think in a certain manner. Learning happens organically. Students seeing a historical monument are not told a lot of work went into building the monument. It is evident. Students visiting a park need not be told that there is a lot of environment diversity in green spaces. That too is visible to them. Going on field trips allows students to draw conclusions and learn things that the textbook normally takes for granted.

Increases Learning Retention Rate - Field trips to increase learning retention rates. Field trips offer because having seen or physically felt something obviously stays with you for a longer time, as opposed to reading it in a book. Students gain and maintain practical skills, sensory experiences, and multiple perspectives on a topic which lead to increased retention.

Combining Education and Excitement - LET'S GO! 



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